• A Streetcar Named Desire - Scene two

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     Analyse the importance of money and economy in the play, especially in scene two.

     Money is an important element in the lives of Blanche and Stanley. For Stella money isn’t important. You can see it, because she changed her rich life at B.R. for a poorer life in N.O. with Stanley. She hasn’t got a job and is financially dependent on Stan. Her sister Blanche loves money and it’s very important for her. She has a high lifestyle and this is expensive. She has luxury clothes and perfumes. She lived at B.R. and knows only big houses and money. She cannot live without money. For Stan money is important, too. He works hard for money. He has a low lifestyle but he tries to get a higher one. He’s intelligent in financial situations like his knowledge of the Napoleonic Code. He gets angry when he hears that he will not get a part of B.R. The possibility of the heritage can be a reason why he married Stella. He tries to get money by gambling, too. That shows that he tries everything to get more money.

    In this play Blanche and Stan represent two different societies. Stanley stands for the rising worker society and the American dream. Blanche stands for the plantation owners and the people who lost their influence. It shows the changes in America. The working class becomes bigger and more important and this is the reason of America’s economical strength. Everyone has the chance to become rich and powerful. The family DuBois was rich and owned a plantation. They lost all step by step until they lost anything. They hadn’t any chance against this new system in the USA.

    Julian, S3c

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    Lundi 4 Octobre 2010 à 13:45

    klasse Julian auch wenn du nicht weisst ob du überhaupt so viel geschrieben hast :P ich denke mal als nicht fleichfresser  könntest du mehr schreiben bei gemüse läuft der kopf besser :D

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