• Klausurvorbereitung: A Streetcar Named Desire







    Bitte mit Vorsicht verwenden, die "summaries" enthalten zu viele Details und sind eher Nacherzählungen.



    Tennessee Williams – A Streetcar Named Desire



    p. 48, l. 4 – p. 50, l. 15


    1. Content
    2. Please give a short summary of the text and relate it to the drama. (not more than one page)

    3. Analysis
    4. Please analyse the text. Concentrate on the characters and relations between the persons. Consider style and language as well. (about two pages)

    5. Transfer

    -         Creation: Blanche writes a diary about her feelings at that moment.

    -         Opinion: How should Stella react to Stanley at this moment and in their marriage?



    (about one page)

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    Mardi 26 Octobre 2010 à 13:54

    jetz wird mir so einiges klar :-)

    super hilfreich

    danke schön

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