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    The British Empire on all continents

    Please work in groups of three or four and find out about the British Empire on different continents.

    • Canada
    • Australia / New Zealand
    • South Africa / East Africa
    • China / other Asian countries
    • Egypt
      1. Cyprus / Malta
    • Arabian Countries
    1. Women in the British Empire
    2. English Literature in the British Empire.

    Here you can find a lot of information:



    Please consider these topics:

    • Geographical situation
    • Historical situation
    • Native populations
    • Life of the British in the colony
    • Economical interests
    • Independence
    • Other special aspects


    Please finish your work today and be able to present it tomorrow. Divide up the research, but everybody has to have all the facts and notes in the end. Do not print out, take notes of the important things, so that your presentation is ready when you leave. You may write on word or keep pictures on the computer for your presentation.

    Your work will be marked and there is no "He has got all the papers and he is ill today." That would be the worst mark. No mercy!!

    Be economical about your time, don’t try to write too much, don’t play around. Don’t allow others in your group to be lazy. Good luck!



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